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Why UX Design?

Before pursuing a career in UX/UI Design, I was a Computer Science/Arts and Humanities student. As a computer science major, I loved problem solving and learning how to use technology to ease and progress human life. Simultaneously, as an arts and humanities student, I loved studying the intricate and diverse nature of humans, how we think and approach issues especially in creative ways, and how we have evolved as a species to where we are now.


As a student, I worried these two disciplines were unrelated, maybe even diametrically opposed, but I quickly realized that as technology became increasingly integrated into human life, the two majors did have significant common applications. And when I came across UX/UI Design, I knew it was the role I had been searching for, where I could combine my two passions for a singular purpose. Now, as a UX/UI Designer, I'm constantly trying to improve my craft, welcoming feedback so I can better empathize with users and bring meaningful and creative solutions to improve our interactions with technology. 

My name is Hanbi, and I’m a UX/UI Designer from Toronto, Ontario. That's me on the left, in case you wanted to put a face to the name!

Who am I? (the abridged version)

In a nutshell, I can be best described as a Jack of All Trades, Master of None. I used to think this was a negative quality, because I wanted to be an expert at something, anything. But the way I’m wired, I love the thrill of new experiences and can’t help my curiosity when it comes to learning something new. Over time, I came to realize that this trait could actually be a positive, even advantageous, one. As a UX/UI designer, I believe it allows me to be extremely flexible and work effectively at any point of the design process without feeling like a fish out of water. Plus, it gives me the motivation to sharpen many different skills, rather than focusing on one area of expertise throughout my career. 

Life Beyond UX Design

Besides design, I continue to explore other interests and try to grow as an individual.

Some of my current interests include playing bass, cooking, and writing short stories. 

Here are some other things I thoroughly enjoy:

  • Travelling with friends/family

  • Reading at night

  • A really great cup of coffee

  • Taking walks on a warm day

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